Ozone Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. (Foreign Employment consultant) Corporate Head Office Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal

About Ozone Overseas
Services Pvt. Ltd. (Foreign Employment consultant)

Ozone Overseas is registered with the Government of Nepal.

We been engaged in the recruitment sector for nine years, and we have established a huge clientele base because of the high-quality service we provide. We are always interested in expanding our market reach in places around the globe. When we recruit workers, we fulfill all the necessary requirements and uphold all the protocols related to the recruitment process.

Many companies around the world today value Nepali workers, and because of that demand, there are recruiters here in Nepal who cut corners when doing business. We at Ozon Overseas do not believe in such practices. We believe that the only way to succeed in this business is by focusing on the quality of our services. And that approach, by its very definition, means that we adhere to the highest of professional standards.

We recruit only the best and provide only the best service for our clients. What that means is that no matter what your personnel needs, we will do our best to find the optimal workers for you and train them before they start working for you, so that by the time they are working for you, you’ll be dealing with some of the most professional workers available.

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