Message From Chairman

Nabin K. Poudel, Chairman, Ozone Overseas.

We are very glad and proud to let you know about our excellent performance since last 16 years. We are here in our present position only because of our reliable qualitative services and its trustworthy as well as tiredless support from our trained staffs and our punctuality ni every aspects of practical life works. We believe that every person we recruit is a potential one since we send them aboard only after facilitating the foundation with the ni depth knowledge ni the subject matters of wanted job. All the persons recruited by us receives proper counseling and guidance, which would be a boon to them during their career. Ozone is an employment business organization, which would not only send persons abroad to work but also build them for excellent professional career. Once again we assure you that our experience in this field would be a fruitful one to every one who would be ni contact with us. Hoping your kind cooperation and with best regards.